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Common PBA benefits

The main reason to get a packaged account is to take advantage of the free benefits that come with the account. You could enjoy:


Insurance is a very common benefit included in many accounts, with multiple banks offering home and travel insurance. Some accounts even offer insurance for your gadgets and phones. However, make sure to read the small print of any insurance policy to see if it covers you for your requirements.


Many banks have partnerships or deals with high-street retailers and will give you exclusive discounts. Bank accounts with such incentives will often include a scheme that pays loyalty points for spending in-store.

  • Breakdown cover – You can enjoy roadside breakdown cover with membership to organisations like Green Flag, the AA and RAC with some current accounts.
  • Airline rewards – While this benefit is more commonly found with credit cards, with some bank accounts you can earn Avios points, Virgin Miles or other airline rewards as you spend.
  • Cashback – Some accounts will give you back a percentage of your spending as cash as a reward.

Financial Rewards

  • Higher interest rates on savings – Some accounts pay higher than typical AER, but often this will only be paid on balances up to a limited amount.
  • Lower interest rates on borrowing – Some accounts will offer preferential rates on Overdrafts and Loans.

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