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Santander Travel Reward Pack

The Travel Reward Account is a packaged bank account available from Santander.

For a monthly fee of £15 you have access to great benefits such as annual worldwide family travel insurance, breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, card loss assistance, access to airport lounges, lost & found luggage service and commission fee travel money.

However, in 2013 Santander reduced the number of current accounts from 14 to two. All accounts were changed over to the fee-free Everyday Current Account or the fee-paying 123 Account.

What were the benefits of Santander Travel Reward Pack?

The provisions that were included in this account are as follows:

  • Worldwide family travel insurance - The accountholder, their partner and dependent children who reside at the same address, are covered under this policy for trips of up to 31 days.
  • UK and European breakdown cover - Account holders are covered for both the roadside and at home. If repairs can’t be made at the roadside, towage to the nearest suitable repairer is also included.
  • Mobile phone insurance - Worldwide mobile phone insurance covers in the event of loss, theft, breakdown and damage. This policy also includes up to £1,000 of cover for unauthorised use of a mobile phone.
  • Card loss assistance - Get help and assistance if your debit, credit or membership cards are lost or stolen anywhere in the world.
  • Commission free travel money - Available only through the Benefits portal on the Santander website.
  • Airport Angel - Provides access to over 550 airport lounges across the world.
  • Lost and found service - Specially coded labels to trace and reunite you with your possessions if they go missing.

What was the Santander Travel Reward Pack monthly Fee?

The account had a monthly fee of £15, regardless of whether the account was in credit or not.

How was Santander Travel Reward Account mis-sold?

Like payment protection insurance (PPI), PBAs were often mis-sold by banks because the suitability of the product wasn't adequately assessed against the consumers’ needs and what the account offered was not properly explained to them.

When Santander sold customers a Packaged Bank Account, it was their responsibility to outline all the benefits to the customer to ensure that the decision to take out a PBA was right for them.

How could Santander have mis-sold you the Travel Reward PBA?

Before considering a packaged bank account, consumers should be made aware of alternative, free accounts that could also work for them.

Many consumers found that there were too many limitations on the policy that they would not have had if they had taken the insurance as a standalone policy. Additionally, consumers may have tried to make a claim on the policy only to find out that they were not covered.

Many consumers did not fully understand how much a packaged bank account was going to cost them per month.

If you are unlikely to use certain packaged bank account benefits, you could lose out. For example, if you don’t drive then breakdown insurance will not be suitable or applicable to your needs.

Please Note: Santander no longer sell the Travel Reward Pack.

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